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Gontran Bage

Thanks Jeff for sharing these keynote files with us. I learn so much on how to create great presentations by looking and analysing yours.



Hi Jeff,

your presentations are stunning and I am impressed about what's possible with Keynote.
I have found an interesting tool on the web and want to share it with you.
It's different to Powerpoint and Keynote. Maybe you know it already.
Have a look at http://prezi.com/
I hope it inspires you.

Kind regards,


jeff monday


Thank you for the kind words! Let me know what you think!

- jeff

jeff monday


Thanks for the great feedback.

I recently saw one of the prezi presentations in an online video I was watching. I have been curious about what they used to make it and I am very grateful that you shared the link! It is a pretty slick application!

Jeff Waters

Jeff, this is great stuff! Thank you so much. I'm working on a dots inspired presentation this weekend and will share it with you.

You work is appreciated.

jeff monday


Thanks for the nice comment! I look forward to seeing your presentation and reposting it on the site.


Hey Jeff,
I've injected a couple of dot-ish things in some existing powerpoints. But, this is the 1st time I've tried to make a dot-dominated presentation. It's a little harder than I expected!

At first, I drew a bunch of stuff on paper. Then, I spent way too much time playing around with MagicMove. Then I scrapped all of that because I was getting nowhere.

After looking back at your posted presentations, a new thought occurred to me. You always post the transcription in text below the video. While that text is well written, 80% of the message would probably be lost if you just spoke it to me without the dots. Might be a little better to have it to read so you can scan back and re-read bits that you didn't quite get.

But, the writing stands on it's own (albeit pretty dry without the dots!)

So, I'm now trying the approach where I just write my text first. I find that some ideas for how the dots might correspond are jumping to mind, but I'm not concentrating on that part yet. Once I'm done with the script, then I'll come up with dots or images that fit it. Making more progress now!

I think this is a case of concentrating too much on the mechanics of the visuals before fully exploring the story.

Will keep you posted!

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