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Wayne Garriepy

Now this is using 'dots' to it's true potential. Here, 'dots' in its simplicity, becomes the subtle enhancer of the powerful & clearly stated message, Much like the 'Jaws Theme, heightens the impact of a simple pan across the surface of water. 'dots', in this case, is almost subliminal so the viewer is not torn between the audio & the visual.
I'm really impressed!
Wayne Garriepy

jeff monday


Thank you so much for your feedback. Your constructive comments from the last post helped drive the quality of this post.

I appreciate you taking the time to watch the videos and give feedback.

- jeff


A helpful show, sir. Yet something a little harsh with the audio compression on your voice? Less easy to detect over laptop speakers but I'd been listening with earbuds... Those Ss especially. Anyhow! Keep it up!

jeff monday


Thanks for the great feedback. I am working on improving the sound compression for the next one! We'll keep at it - relentless pursuit of perfection!


Benny Luo

Great advice. Your theories are crucial in allowing a person to building long term success whether it is in business or personal relationships.

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